Burke Pharmaceutical Engineering provide high value HVAC and process piping installations. We will provide design review, co-ordination, installation, testing and commissioning of all HVAC & process piping systems.

Design Reviews

We carry out a full design review of a project to ensure that it is constructable to the highest of safety and quality standards, that is commissionable to the relevant standards and industry best practices and that the project handed over to the client will meet all their expectations.

Pre-Construction Co-Ordination

At BPE we believe that one of the most critical phases of any project is the pre-construction phase. We put a major emphasis on planning and co-ordinating the project at this stage. This time is spent liaising with other contractors (CSA, Electrical, Equipment suppliers and most importantly, end users). Too often, projects overlook this phase and end up paying the price at the handover stage of the project.


We provide installation of the following services, with Safety & Quality the back bone of the install.

  • Mild steel and Carbon Steel Pipework – Welded or threaded
  • Stainless Steel Utility Pipework – 304 or 316L Sch 10, Sch 40 or Dairybore
  • Stainless Steel Biobore – High purity fully traceable stainless steel systems for WFI, PW, DI, Clean Steam
  • Copper Piping – Brazed, Compression or Crimped
  • Plastic Pipework System – Welded, Solvent Welded, Glued, or Push Fit
  • Ductwork – Galvanised, Stainless or Plastic ducting systems to DW/144
  • Insulation and Cladding of Pipework or Ductwork services
  • BMS/BAS systems
  • Equipment Installation

Commissioning & Handover

This is the stage of the project that BPE excel. Once appointed to the project, we will review the design with a diligent eye on the commissioning and handover of the project. We will use our experience to identify any potential issues that may hinder or delay the commissioning and handover of the project. All works will be commissioned so that the project meets the client requirements and expectations. All documentation required during handover will be agreed between BPE and client at the outset of the project.